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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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Rekhalis                                            ....          8,000

Elephant guns                                 ...         9,650

Snivel guns (Jajas}                          ...       12,960

Tom toms                                        ...       94,B20

*Fire lock men                                 ...         9,i540

NizamSahaBhairy. tKe king of Daulatabad, and Alii Yadula
Saha Padnsaha Savayi Jagajhampa Snguna Kaimada Jana
prepared likewise their ainiies (ior war).f The tlr*ee Padu-
sahas having thus made ready the army comprising elephants,
horses, chariots, and men, distributed srnoiig thsrn ulie neces-
sary articles). Then, they hoisted their respective banners on
their tents, and were ready to inarch against the Narapati.

Timmaji Bhlmaji, an ambassador (JiaziV) of Rajabhuvara,
who was camping at that time in Jahalnapur, having learnt
that the armies of the three raduaahas had marched for the
war, sent a spy to inform his master (of the events that took
place there)4 The spy reached (Vijayauagara), and deliver-
ed the message of the ambassador to the Narapati, expressing
at the same time some of his own views (on the matter).

On the day of Vijayadasanii, the Narapati held in a
beautiful garden,! a durbar which was attended by all his
ministers, captains, officers of the war department, and the
men of the seventy-two kinds of viniyogas.

* These are not mentioned in the Madras Government Oriental Manuscript Library
copy of the ms.
t'This was the strength of Akbar JallaJodeen's force and an equal number was
collected by Nizlrn Shah Biery of Daula&foad. The forces of Alii Adil Shah Sav5y«e
Jagajhampa Saguna Kanara JIna were equally numerous.'—L O. frf.t p. 171.
There appears to be a lacuna here. The author who gives a detailed account of the
army of otw of the three allies should have given a similar account in the case of the
other two. The inclusion of the name of Alii Adula Sahu P5duŁahu is a mistake, which
any author caring for consistency would not have committed. Here the original account,
whether it was of RSmajI Tiruxna,! or of some one else, appears to have suffered from the
hands of an ignorant editor or restorer.
t * Sent an express to their master to Beejanagar by Davalojee-Jasood advising
of their preparations.*—L O+ M., p. 171.
IJpon this on the Dasaxa   Rwn» Kay*loo sat in hi* Mahal in the Manohara-
9 p. #2.